by Christine McBride, Program Assistant, Health Information Exchange

The Camden Health Information Exchange (HIE), operated by the Camden Coalition, is a web-based technology platform that connects local and regional health care providers, supporting better care coordination through secure, real-time access to their patients’ medical information across multiple systems.

Launched in 2010 with only three participating hospitals, the Camden HIE’s data provider base has grown to include more hospital data, outpatient lab results and reports from other participating providers. A growing number of organizations across South Jersey—including primary care offices and outpatient labs —are using HIE data to provide treatment to patients and conduct population health services.

The Coalition plans to empower the Camden HIE community in 2016 by making improvements to its online interface, speed, and resources, connecting more participants and improving provider collaboration to create a better health care system for all.

This year, Cooper University Health Care will collaborate with the Coalition to launch a pilot project to increase use of the HIE in the emergency department. A real-time dashboard will indicate whether a patient has visited another participating Camden HIE hospital in the past 6 months and if the patient has completed a number of labs. Timely access to this information can provide high-quality decision support, preventing redundant and unnecessary testing, reducing costs and improving the quality of the patient’s visit.

Improvements are also on the way for the Camden HIE’s primary care offices. Currently, primary care offices receive daily reports from the HIE about their patients who have been hospitalized within the last 24 hours. This year, the Camden HIE will update these reports multiple times each day, improving patient-provider communication and facilitating quicker follow-up appointment scheduling, which has been shown to reduce readmissions.

The Camden HIE plans to continue increasing its pool of participating providers, following last year’s linkage with the Trenton Health Team HIE. The Camden HIE will soon include prescription and immunization data for NJ Medicaid patients. Coalition member Virtua, which already feeds their Camden emergency department data into the HIE, will soon  incorporate additional data from across the Virtua health system by connecting their own health information exchange to the Camden HIE.

For more information about the Camden HIE or how to become a participant, please email


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