By Christine McBride 

Representatives from participating hospital systems who contribute data to the Camden Coalition Health Information Exchange (HIE) make up the Camden Coalition HIE Oversight Committee. When the Camden Coalition HIE was launched in 2010, information systems and legal staff from each hospital focused on developing policies and procedures for using the HIE and ensuring that data feeds provided timely, correct patient information. Now, clinical staff from each hospital have joined the committee to make the system more innovative and allow users to collaborate on managing the care plans and programs for individuals with complex needs across the region.

“By involving more clinicians on the committee, we hope to better understand the disconnect that patients experience on the front lines so it can drive future needs and projects,” said Dr. Matthew Gettings, Director of Quality and Innovation at Jefferson Health New Jersey (formerly Kennedy Health System). “When a clinical team can report back on a product’s strengths and weaknesses, new features or changes in scope can happen. I’m looking forward to more closely aligning this work with a more user-friendly interface, so we can reduce duplicate testing and keep patient care at the heart of what we do.” 

At their first 2018 meeting in January, the committee centered their conversation on improving the data quality in the HIE. They recognized the inconsistencies in data sets across hospitals and discussed opportunities and obstacles for improvement. The group hopes to develop a standard data set that participating hospitals and newer participants would follow.

The committee also brainstormed new data sets that could be added to the Camden Coalition HIE, including behavioral health, ambulatory, radiology, long-term care, and visiting nurse data from external organizations. With these additional data sets, hospitals and other HIE users would have access to a fuller view of a patient’s health care services. The Camden Coalition HIE team is excited to work with the committee to develop the HIE into an even better platform for their community of users.

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