Students from across the country are attracted to Coalition’s model of better patient care

On July 11, 2015  students from 20 schools gathered in Camden, NJ to launch the second year of the Student Hotspotter Mini-Grant Project. The program, coordinated by the Camden Coalition, Primary Care Progress, and AAMC, creates multidisciplinary student partnerships to who work together on coordinating patient care. “This year, the program is focusing on teaming. It’s important for them to see that their strength in this work will be the relationships they have with each other,” said Sarah Hogan, Program Assistant at the Camden Coalition.

Over 200 attendees participated in a kickoff event celebrating the idea that “stories matter.” Speakers and activities emphasized the value of listening to the story of the patient and also to each other’s stories. Students, advisors, and faculty reflected personally on why they were drawn to the program. “We all share the same passion of empowering the community and changing the way patient care is coordinated ” said Jessica Gaddy, social work student from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Rachel Weiskittle, a psychology student, agreed, adding “I’m excited to see what we can learn from each other. This work is all about relationships.”

The 20 teams will follow a curriculum developed by the Coalition’s Cross-site Learning team and will work with patients in their own community while participating in Coalition-led webinars, case conferences, mentoring and online discussion session.

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